How to Start Your Minecraft Game

The Minecraft game is a massive, open ended sandbox where the only limit is your imagination.  You can fight monsters, craft items and tools, build houses, pen animals, pretty much anything you can think of.  This simple looking game contains more layers than you think.  But how do you get started?

1.    Create Your World

Decide whether you want to play by yourself or with others.  Then you need to decide on your difficulty level.  Do you want monsters attacking you in the night?  Peaceful will make it so there are no monsters.  Easy mode will set the spawn rate at low.  Hard will give you a massive spawn rate.  The amount of damage you take is also determined by the difficulty level.

2.    Game Mode

Survival mode means just that.  You need to gather and build items in order to survive.  You have a health bar and need to get experience to level up.  Creative mode gives you unlimited resources.  In this mode you can just focus on creating a world.  You can also fly, which is pretty cool.  Hardcore is the same as survival, except harder.  If you die, your world gets permanently deleted.  Spectator mode happens when you die.  You can fly around and see your world, but you can’t interact with it.  Adventure mode is like survival mode.

3.    World Options

The default option will randomly select terrain for you.  Super flat means you’ll have a flat world.  Large biomes will create bigger biomes than the ones in default.  Amplified will make taller mountains and deeper caves.  Customized lets you create the terrain.  Debug makes every type of block in your one world, but you can only look at them.

4.    Get to Work Straight Away

In order to survive the first night, you need to gather supplies.  Build yourself a shelter before sunset.

5.    Gather Materials

The first material you need is wood.  Find some trees, punch them, and gather at least twenty pieces of wood.

6.    Build a Crafting Table

You need this to create all your items.  Open your inventory by pressing “E,” place one wood in the top right box under crafting.  This will give you the plank option.  Grab the plank and put it in your inventory.  Take the planks and put them in the crafting boxes.  This will allow you to make the crafting table.  Take it and place it near where you intend to build your shelter.

7.    Craft Your Tools

Make sticks out of two planks on your crafting table.  Make a pickaxe first by placing your sticks and wood in the appropriate slots.  Play around with it and make an axe, a shovel, and a sword.

8.    Mine Some Coal

Minecraft game

You need coal in order to make torches.  These help you see at night and also keep the monsters away from you.  If your house is dark, the monsters will spawn inside.

If you follow these few things, your first night should be a breeze.  Don’t forget to build your house.