Best Black Friday 2017 Game Deals

If you haven’t planned your attack for Black Friday 2017, you’re behind.  Don’t worry though, you still have one more day before it’s too late.  Many retailers sent out their previews earlier this year than in the past.  This was an effort to help people make their plans early.  But if you’re like me, you waited until the last minute.  I’m a terrible procrastinator.

Let me walk you through some of the best deals that I’ve found so far, in hopes that you’ll be able to take advantage of these deals as well.  (If we wind up at the same store, I’m calling dibs on Assassin’s Creed: Origins right now.)

If you’re looking for an Xbox One, you really just need to pick what store has the most enticing deal for you.  The Xbox One S 500 GB model with no bundled games can be found for $190 at most stores including Walmart and Toys R Us.  The Target doorbuster, however, will throw in a $25 gift card with the purchase of that particular Xbox.  If you get this same item at Kohl’s, you’re going to receive $45 in Kohl’s Cash to be used at a later date.

There aren’t any deals on the Xbox One X, which is very disappointing.  Although a used Xbox 360 will be free after a mail in rebate from GameStop. 

If you need controllers, every store has the standard controller running you $40.  A variety of Xbox Live Gold subscriptions are also reported to being discounted this weekend.  The best of those options is going to be the one from Best Buy, which will get you a three-month membership for only $10.  Microsoft has a special for a one-month membership to either Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass for only $1.

As always, there are a plethora of games on sale this Friday.  Here are some the best ones and where to find them. 

·    Best Buy: Gears of War 4 ($15), Halo 5 Guardians ($15), Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Edition ($10), Call of Duty World War II ($40), Assassin’s Creed Origins ($35), Need For Speed Payback ($35), Wolfenstein II The New Colossus ($25), Grand Theft Auto V ($25)

·    Target: Forza Motorsport 7 ($29), Forza Horizon 3 ($15), Gears of Wars 4 ($15), Assassin’s Creed Origins ($35), Need For Speed Payback ($35), Grand Theft Auto V ($25)

·    Walmart: Halo Wars 2 ($19), Fallout 3 ($9), Fallout New Vegas ($9), NBA 2K18 ($29), Call of Duty Black Ops III ($19), Ghost Recon Wildlands ($19)

·    Toys R Us: Super Lucky’s Tale ($20)

·    GameStop: Destiny 2 ($27), Cars III Driven to Win ($30), Destiny 2 (with a free Cayde-6 figure $27), Dirt 4 ($25), Fifa 18 ($27), Injustice 2 ($14), Lego City Undercover ($20)

Black Friday 2017

These are just some of the games available at a discounted price.  Check out each store’s website for a more comprehensive list and doorbuster specials.  Best of luck out there this year!  Stay safe and make sure you keep with the spirit of the season.