Added Comfort While Sleeping in the Bed of Your Truck

Sleeping on the bed of your pickup might not sound all that appealing.  Forget the fact that it’s better than the ground – the thing is made of metal and it has grooves that are sure to make your back ache the next morning. 

Yet the benefits of sleeping on your truck’s bed cannot be denied.  There is the fact that you could literally park anywhere to do it.  You don’t have to pay for a hotel room.  You are still technically camping.  You have access to power and music.  Here are a few things you can do to make sleeping on your truck’s bed just a little more comfortable.

Truck Bed Liner

Most truck bed tents don’t come with a built in floor.  Even the ones that do are there more for water resistance than comfort.  Of course you can add a sleeping bag or sleeping mat to help assuage the pains of the grooves and hardness of the bed itself.  But sometimes even that is not enough.  You need comfort.

If you plan on sleeping back there pretty often, consider investing in a truck bed liner.  These can come up to an inch thick and really help protect you from the cold metal.  Your knees, elbows, and back will thank you for this purchase. 

Since it’s made for a truck, these bed liners are not your standard inside rug.  They are built for the elements; no need to worry about taking them off once you’re done camping.  They are resistant to oil, bleach, and even battery acid.  They are made of plastic and make a non-absorbent surface.  The rain will still run right off the bed of your truck.  No need to worry about rot and rust.  Plus, they protect the metal of your bed much more than paint does.  Even if you don’t plan on camping in your truck, a bed liner is a good idea.

sleeping on your truck

Truck Bed Air Mattress

What is more comfortable than a sleeping bag?  A mattress!  Consider purchasing an air mattress along with your tent.  There are companies out there that can fit any size truck bed with a mattress.  You’ll be able to sleep in blissful comfort right in the bed of your truck.  Many of them even have cutouts for your wheels, so you know you’re getting a snug and custom fit.  Most websites will let you put in the make and model of your truck.  They are easily stored in the cab of your truck and setup takes only minutes.

All you have to do is plug the pump into the power station of your cab and hook it up to the mattress.  You can do this while you’re setting up the tent.  By the time everything is done, you’ll have the perfect spot to sleep for the night.  If you have a tent with a skylight, you can float on the cloud of your air mattress while gazing at the stars.  Truly that is the way God intended people to camp.